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MV5BMTQ3ODUxMjkwMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDk5OTM4OQ@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_I managed to come across this review and I was hook by its content. It was a good move review. Thanks for sharing.

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Addict (2013) is the feature-length debut from independent Director Geoff Harmer of Fraught Productions. Since circulating the festivals in 2013, Addict earned itself a few awards including a winning 4 star award at the British International Amateur Film Festival and a ‘Best Actor’ nomination for the film’s leading man Paul Anthony.   Addict has also achieved success across the globe winning the award of excellence at the Indie Fest in the USA and was also screened in Germany’s After Dark Horror Film Festival and at the Full Length Festival Kinoteatr Projekt in Poland.


The film is a character study focusing on unhinged individual David Pettigrew (Paul Anthony). On the surface, David is a mild-mannered businessman working on a water filter pyramid scheme but he shields a sinister interior. Harbouring an unhealthy infatuation with his married colleague Kim (Stacy Hart), David turns to his addictions to cope with his unrequited crush…

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rite1It’s difficult to deny it that The Rite film is regarding guilty of sins in counter to its viewers. But you have to appreciate movie makers who can imagine that The Exorcist can never be a hit movie with a touch of actual discovery.

Some of the most unforgettable presentations from famous actors are also their nastiest: Marlon Brando in Missouri Breaks and Lawrence Olivier in The Boys from Brazil. To add to that list is Anthony Hopkins’s that twist as a threatening old Jesuit in the fresh paranormal terror movie, The Rite.

“The Rite,” though, is a normal religious-terror picture of the Father and the beast, with yet one more man’s severe disaster of faith sarcastically healed by the Devil himself.

The movie that begins moody before tossing into mystical camp, following Michael (Colin O’Donoghue) a young American good looking seminarian who loiters for quite a long time at exorcist education in Rome before going out from the church.

Though lifted up from a funeral home, Michael’s a red-blooded American dude whom is flirting with a lady journalist named Alice Braga who’s reviewing his exorcisms group.

Ciaran Hinds is his professor sends him off to a tutor, Father Lucas (Hopkins), the Vatican’s eccentric, squirmy go-to guy for casting out devils and keeping skeptics. But Michael’s a firm nut. Even when a 16-year-old Italian girl who is expecting a baby execute frown, shouts obscenities in different speech and coughs up wounded nails, he believes she’s arranging with repression matters.

reite 2Finally, it seized Father Lucas leaving off the rails to find Michael on the good path. There’s a hilarious scenario where (spoiler alert) Father Lucas had been possessed. Blast from down so that his skull looks like a huge and glowing pumpkin, Hopkins roll through his kooky accent range: An effeminate New Yorker, a valley girl, a simpering boy, a snooty and a surfer dude.

Best of all isthe elder exorcist, Anthony Hopkins. While there’s no pea soup in proof, he still locate a lot of of ham and has the most cool he’s had on-monitor for years, bonding his winking Hannibal glance to row interpretations so unusual he appears to be taking instructions from somebody else.

It has been thought the devil’s utmost deception is to let us think that he is not genuine; well in fact, his next-best trick is his idea of aged Welshmen imitating Robin Williams.

It is comic bound-out-and-say-boo presentation, full of treats. And for that, this expert executor gets a particular dispensation.


When I first saw the trailer, I thought that the movie has the potential. But when I watch I was disappointed and was not totally entertained. I think it really lacks direction and the craft of creation. This is a nice review and I am glad to come across it.

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The Lords of SalemReleased: April 19, 2013. Directed by: Rob Zombie. Starring: Sheri Moon Zombie, Meg Foster, Bruce Davison. Runtime: 101 min.

“The Lords of Salem” reminds me of the pacing that “The Sixth Sense” had – slow pacing, but it intensely builds little by little. It also reminds me of it because both don’t have a lack of special effects. Otherwise, the two films are very different. The differences take place in terms of quality; “Sixth Sense” is incredible and “Salem” is far from.

The story follows Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie) an everyday radio personality, who is sent a box containing a strange record – a “gift from the Lords.” The sounds heard from the record give her intense headaches, and trigger flashbacks from the town’s violent past, dating back all the way to 1694. How does she see them when she wasn’t present? We really can’t tell. But the story raises…

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The American remake of the 2010 Uruguayan movie with an identical name, about a young lady assaulted in her family vacation residence. It’s thought to be based on a real tale from the 1940′s. Laura Lau and Chris Kentis are the directors the movie and Lau is also the writer of the script.

The-Silent-House-2011-Movie-Florencia-ColucciElizabeth Olsen leads in the movie as Sarah, a young lady who dwells with her father played by Adam Trese and uncle played by Eric Sheffer Stevens at their rest house in the state while they clean and repair it as it is planned to be sold. When her uncle left to leave into town, a hidden assailant harasses Sarah’s father and then hunt Sarah all over their house. Sarah attempted to escape and jog for aid while evading the trespassers. The whole thing is participated out in the actual period.

Starring Elizabeth Olsen, this jitters-suggestions, remarkably suspenseful movie offers a lot of clues and false guides on its mode to reply to questions. Even not all of the apparent red herrings in this terror brush are dodge.

The movie advertising approach has been two-split.

The film begins to fairly slow-paced, but obtains a bit creepy and forceful as it moves on. The actual period is one cause of the movie’s most possessions while also being one of its major fault. It’s appealingly terrifying at most times, but also totally dull. Once the film gets to its huge turn, it fails any true thrills or observer participation it had going for it. An average movie at its best.

The same with the Paranormal Activity franchise, “Silent House” develops a publicity stunt. It’s blast in real period and in one nonstop shot. That only denotes no flashbacks, no tricks of the restriction room and no slashed and sewn up cuts.

silent 2It’s no shock really that in a film called Silent House, hum twists out to be dominant. Footprints clatter. The punch of a body part beating a floor calls for a jump, then anxious hilarity in the theater. Even the more rural scream of summertime cicadas makes for an anxious ambient footage. The composer Nathan Larsen is fairly efficient, too.

But still, it’s Olsen’s acting that makes Sarah’s dilemma matter. And she establishes that her charming rotate,  about a lady on the lam from a cult, was not an accident.

And still, if you are yet thinking if creepy is simply her finest genre, Olsen is even attractive in adequate, if engaging family dramatization is required.

It’s a just guess that if you have viewed a demonic possession, you’ve perceived them all. Over the previous years, there’s been an innovation of this tale on our cinema, from The Last Exorcism up to The Rite to The Devil Inside. The Possession is yet once more an Exorcist-stimulated access to the kind and in spite of not violating any fresh ground, it’s an elegant production that astonishingly ended up being one of the many efficient films of its kind.

Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Dean Morgan played as a recently separated couple Clyde and Stephanie. One day he picks up his two daughters, Clyde stagger upon a yard sale and the youngest, Em played by Natasha Calis, becomes involved in an old wooden box. As Em gets bigger, he became fixated with this box, her attitude becomes even more unpredictable. It turns out she’s come down with an awful instance of demons and the only treatment is a good shot of exorcism.

The Possession film get some originality points as it discover an alternative demonic myths. Unlike a lot of the usual ownership tales that focuses on Christian demons, this picture looks at the Jewish notion of a dybbuk, the wicked spirit of a deceased person. The dybbuk boxes offered here are based on the real story and some of the owners of the genuine box have stated terrible stories while they are the owner of the box. As Clyde search for assistance for his daughter, he ended up ensconced in the charming world of Hasidic Judaism. It is delectably interesting, in addition to a comparable unsurprising narration.

And it is really that combination of trade and sentiments that locates The Possession separate from its generation. Of course, the accessories of the all-too-admired found-footage designs are nowhere to be observed here. Even the last minute, while expecting to take into consideration the subject matter, efficiently amp up the fear while still holding the viewers to become occupied in the narration.

Ole Bornedal is the Danish director who did an amazing job of putting more  designs and color to the conventional tale. There are some wonderful set-pieces that have been put altogether with vitality, structuring to a necessarily loud, but scary finale, which work as a rewarding payoff for a film that steps its fright expertly. Producer Sam Raimi and Bornedal, knows the type well enough to comprehend that terror needs to develop. In spite of a sluggish initial act, The Possession clocks in at an ideal 90 minutes. Not each movie desires to reinvent the helm, and nothing here is mainly ground-breaking, yet this one is the most rewarding terror jaunts in quite a while.


Great review. The movie knows well about modern monster picture and it really comes with great eye catching effects and visuals.

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A dash of Herman Munster would have went a long, long way.

200 years after being created, the monster of Dr. Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart) is left to roam the world, all by his lonesome. It doesn’t help matters that he actually killed his creator’s wife, but hey, so be it. She had it coming to her I guess, right? Anyway, in the present day, the monster is found to be walking all throughout the world, where he will most likely live the last days of his life unhappy, pissed-off and always looking over his shoulder, just in case some sneaky, little demon thinks about trying something on him. One night, this does in fact happen, and the monster gets taken in as a part of the Gargoyle’s squad (lead by Miranda Otto); which is when he begins to be referred to as “Adam”. Still though, there is a catch to…

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pageThe Collection is the continuation of the movie The Collector, it was made available to the public in 2009. Though insufficient fund, but came successfully for a box office income. At that time, I really adored it, it was well compact and has an adequate velocity, and with a great hostility thrill.

Looking at The Collection tells me that another fantastic movie is out because I consider the initial film as somewhat a unique movie and the exact people involved in are truly great, specifically Marcus Dunstan who is the co-writer and director together with his longtime buddy Patrick Melton. This people behind the first film is also the same people who produced this movie.

The film starts following the initial movie, we acknowledge again Josh Stewart as Arkin, who was caught again by the gloomy “Collector” (Randall Archer), a guy with a fleece masked who has executed a lot of killing across a city, at the conclusion of the initial movie. We welcome him again when we perceive our new hero, Emma Fitzpatrick as Elena, steal out to a club with 2 of her buddies only to see most of the people be murdered by a revolving metal cutting edge fix efficiently through a lot of small obscure wires that could be bang off at any time.

the collection 3Maybe it is because my inner brutality side was set free or the truth that I’ve perceive almost none at all but terrifying schlock, I was pleased during much of the brutality and horrific adventure that happens to the The Collection. They are done with expertise and invented something similar to a Final Destination, where one small thing creates an even huge thing, which could explode an even larger thing that can murder the weak victims. It gets cycled, but same sequence is so enjoyable and extreme that you can feel you need to respect for what you have just seen.

Dunstan understands what he is doing with a camera in his hands, and did his best to stray from the pointless follow up the vibe by attracting in recent ideas that “The Collector” did with his fatalities, and how he remains them held in this tumbledown building with no sunshine or clean air. The initial movie happens mainly in somebody’s house, but owning this one take place in a storehouse gives a lot of a claustrophobic and unsettled vibe, which feels creepier but unluckily, is not using enough.