In our Gothic time that is roaming in the state when it is Christmas time, instead of viewing the recommendations from the past reviews on movie reviews, we have decided to overlook the darker festive film making, into the world of killer snowmen, psychotic, and slayer Santa’s. Here are the 10 great horror movies to view on Christmas that you can include in your cinematic naughty list.

talesfromthecrypt1972Tales from the Crypt, 1972

It’s the releasing movie of the third and the best film of Freddie Francis anthology movies. It all begins with the total psycho-Santa subtype, though it may not be the top iconic, but with a lean 12-minute successive time it’s simply the top efficient movie. Robert Zemeckis’s exceptional retread of identical material for the Tales from the Crypt 1989 TV series is every bit as admirable of attention.


Dead of Night: The Exorcism, 1972

Only three out of the six unique episodes of Dead of Night that has been directed by Don Taylor are still identified to exist, and all these are easily accessible for first time view and the initial episode of its short-lived TV spin-off for the BBC tenders even more efficient yuletide chills. The movie is all about the showing off innovative country home of Edward Petherbridge and Anna Cropper to their friends over a Christmas feast when the soul of the earlier tenant take over hosting responsibilities to spell out the disastrous old times of the house.

black christmas

Black Christmas, 1974

The law enforcer is showing ineffectual in making anything to end the jumble obscene telephone calls and murdering plaguing a sorority residence over Christmas. Not just a decisive Christmas terror movie but also one of the key samples for the slide of copied smashers that would go behind its wake, John Carpenter’s masterful Halloween in four years has been predated by Black Christmas and Directed by Bob Clark. Horrible as hell, with no caking on the screen with blood for outcome, the movie ably creates stress in spite of several laughable dated elements.

christmas evilChristmas Evil, 1980

There’s really a lot more to expect with Christmas Evil than may originally be anticipated, not least in selfless visuals which contradict its small-budget. If its nut task prejudice originally feels more than a bit scary, it tenders adequate psychological density to warrant its rebellious standpoint on both themes and character, going several ways to getting its Frankenstein-riffling ending and radiantly surreal last shot. A scary movie directed by Lewis Jackson.

gremlinsGremlins, 1984

With the hyper dispose of Chuck Jones animated movie Gremlins sets free of a dissident maelstrom of trouble on its Capra-esque set-up, ideally weighing the cosy standards of producer Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Chris Columbus with the proclivities of its director Joe Dante for social satire and sharp politics.


jack frostJack Frost, 1997

Jack Frost here sees a psychopathic fanatic and returns to his old chasing ground to carry on with his slaughtering spree. Changed into a snowman on his mode to prison when a break out throws him into some furtive government investigative goo, there’s soon no preventing Jack and his infinite arsenal of snow-connected puns. With its persistence on forced happiness and a script apparently composed of Christmas cracker jokes strip altogether, it surely nails the seasonal strength more significantly, it’s the only movie on our record that concentrates a massive slaughter snowman, which directed by Michael Cooney.

dead endDead End, 2003

Arguments, a clutching dead baby at the side of the road, panic, booze, a ghostly woman in white, and too much eating, it can only be during Christmas. As much a pitch-black comic of familial dysfunction as paranormal chillers, Dead End directed by Fabrice Canepa and Jean-Baptiste Andrea can be exercise one of those twist finale you’ll see approaching a mile off, but its smart execution and slim running time give off an eminent early-Twilight Zone vibe.

calvalaireCalvaire, 2004

The meanest movie on our record, the Belgian movie Calvaire directed by Fabrice du Welz isn’t also identified as The Ordeal for nothing. When Laurent Lucas, a cabaret singer heading from one Christmas recital to another, smash down in the forest, he’s left with few choices but to go behind the odd man looking for his dog to a quiet inn run by one Bartel (Jackie Berroyer). Bartel advise him to be excuse from the local village, but it’s rapidly clear that the residents are the slightest of Marc’s troubles. Knocked lifeless, dressed as the innkeeper’s long-vanished wife and stripped Marc’s ordeal arrived its highest in a fierce slide roadway shot as the village men goes down on the inn.

thechildren_1The Children, 2008

Two families gathered at a remote, snow-covered house to meet in New Year. Gradually, the little kids had been ruined by an unsolved virus that handles them to kill their parents. Scary children have long been a clip in terror movies and in this quick British chillier, director Tom Shankland gently creates character and mood before allowing all hell smash out free with gruesome gusto. Creating tough isolated, snowed-in set-up, The Children verifies as efficient and in its sequence of set pieces as it performs in the simmering dysfunctions of the seasonal family gatherings.

rare expotRare Exports: A Christmas Tale, 2010

This brilliant movie of director Jalmari Helander pays stylistic respect early Spielberg and to Joe Dante and this Finnish recovery of the innovative Santa Claus fable – a feral, horned beast who’d engulf children and insist offering for himself, serves up a wrong blend of thrills and chills.

A team of scientists have discovered something buried under the Korvatunturi Mountains in northern Finland. When hundreds of reindeer are slaughtered, threatening the livelihood of the local community, a trap is set, convinced that the true identity of the gnarly old man, only young Pietari takes the step to find the truth.

babadook-bookThe movie The Babadook is an Australian horror movie directed by Jennifer Kent and produced by Causeway films, casted by Essie Davis played as Amelia, Daniel Henshall, Tiffany Lyndall-Knight and Noah Wiseman played as Samuel. The movie is showed at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival last January 17, 2014 for critically acclaim but release last March 22, 2014 in the public cinema.

The movie has his original character and storyline but has some same plot, another boogeyman want to abduct a child, showing in his dream and the parents did not believe then showing to them and loves conquers all. The story also have a  connection with the psychological and depressing conflicts faced by a single mother whose son’s birth is ruin by tragic death of her husband  and the whole story of the Babadook creature, causing an unresolved outcome, can be considered traumatic event. The acting is definitely good of the cast, although the supporting characters are missing something.

imagesThe sets and where the movie was made are connected to the story, some creepy, lonely place, and the sound and colour effects did the job. Got his original boogeyman but something is missing maybe lack of details in the Babadook character, his like a man in coat. The movie is really adaptable; you can easily understand the movie without leaving any question or mystery. The movie has its great points and that is the great acting and convincing performance of the cast, Essie Davis played as Amelia delivers great emotional and distractive performance. Amelia tried so hard to raise Samuel, her “out-of-control” six year old son. A son she finds hard to love after the tragically death of her husband six years ago. Samuel’s dreams are stained by a monster he believes is coming to kill them.

babadook-mother-and-child“Mister Babadook” is a creepy story book that Samuel believed holds a creature in his dream. In time the Babadook slowly begins to show its self to Amelia and convincing her that his son’s dream is real. Watching this movie gives me the creeps, it makes my hair in stand with fear, and I even hide for some times. A new horror character and never before seen in your life will haunt you in your sleep. I recommend this movie to be watch and be frightened. I’ll definitely include this film in my spooky list. Do not say I did not warn you.



DF-02139.CR2The movie Devil’s Due is a horror movie like “Paranormal Activity” but different story line. The movie is similar to “Rosemary’s Baby” but different script and scenes. It was directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin starring Sam Anderson, Zach Gilford  and Allison Miller. The film was release last January 17, 2014.

The movie Devil’s Due certainly a horror movie but by reading some reviews and comment negative thought are said. It depends on how you look at it. They say it’s like A copy of “Rosemay’s Baby” 2014 a Latin horror miniseries, depending on what people say on viewers who watch the can tell if they were satisfied or not. The movie is about a newlywed couple who gone to Dominican Republic for their honeymoon who got lost and taken to an underground chamber to be a subject of some demonic ritual and waking up to their hotel with no idea of what happen last night.

The couple soon discover that Samantha (played by Allison Miller) is pregnant; the Devil’ Due 2014couple were overjoyed to tell their parents and friends. Samantha experience some unusual and weird symptoms like nosebleed, stomach bruising, craving for raw meat and same supernatural powers. Zach (played by Zach Gilford) start investigating her wife’s unusual illness and finding out some symbols and the people who were involved in it. Zach went home finding out her wife holding a knife and pressing to her stomach then a light shines, after that Zach finds out her wife lying and bleeding to death. Zach was accuse of her wife’s death and the missing child.

The movie has potential, not that good but not that bad, pretty decent film. Based on the story got lost and offer a by a cab driver, it’s a cab driver why don’t just pay the man to return them to their hotel or in the bar is there a phone or do they even have phones. Is there anyone helping or someone they can get help, no friend I think? The found footage and still they accuse Zach of murdering his wife, sad to say but the storyline is bad this is a kind of movie that doesn’t have a sequel. For some reason the effects and sound did the trick, the acting is good the character are played well. Watch it and decide for yourself, few interesting scene and puzzling experience. Like I said, its a pretty decent film.

FrankensteinFrankenstein is a fantasy action movie starring Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto, Yvonne Strahovski and many more and directed by Stuart Beattie. We all know Frankenstein, as a child we know him as a monster, a villain and a nightmare. Many Frankenstein movies were made and remake all same stories, but different plot. A patched up and stitch up copies revive and name after his creator, accused of being a monster.

I, Frankenstein start in 1795 when a madman Dr. Victor Frankenstein (played by Aden Young “Rake TV Series”) create a patch up corpse monster (played by Aaron Eckhart “Olympus Has Fallen 2013”) and revive, horrified by his creation dispose the monster in the river but survive. Full of rage and anger the monster takes revenge and killed Victor’s wife Elizabeth (played by Virginie Le Brun). The scientist chases and pursues the criminal, immune to the cold the scientist die in the coldness of the north. The monster buried the scientist in their family cemetery with respect and though it’s the end but it’s just the start. Demons start appearing and attacking the monster, but rescued by gargoyles Ophir (played by Mahesh Jadu) and Keziah (played by Caitlin Stasey).  Startled and confuse Frankenstein was brought to the gargoyle queen Lenore (played by Miranda Otto) and the gargoyle commander Gideon (played by Jai Courtney).

imagesThe gargoyle queen explains that they were created by the Archangel Michael to protect humanity and battle demons on Earth. After explaining everything they ask him to join them because of his inhuman abilities and name him “Adam” but decline the offer, thus given a weapon with a Gargoyles Order’s symbol that can descend demons, destroying their Earthly bodies and sending them back to Hell. As centuries pass Adam continued to fight demons that pursue him. Then the modern time came Adam now chase demons before it chases him, in a nightclub a police was killed while Adam fight demons in an alley. After that the gargoyles heard about the incident and Adam was brought again in the gargoyles cathedral.  A demon named Helek (played by Steve Mouzakis) reported to the demon leader Naberius (played by Bill Nighy), who is disguised his self as billionaire businessman Charles Wessex who was conducting an experiment on corpse reviving lead by a scientist Terra Wade (played by Yvonne Strahovski). Neighbors seek to capture Adam to unfold the mystery of life to reanimate corpse’s posses by demon soul to siege war to Earth. Demons attack the cathedral to retrieve Adam, Adam fought side with the gargoyle to rescue Terra and destroy the institute.

It’s a movie with full of action and with same story but different plot.  Another Frankenstein remakes that will tells you another side of the legend. It’s worth watching

Screen-Shot-2014-04-10-at-10.13.21-AM-620x400It’s not just a horror movie; it’s a suspense, crime, thriller, supernatural, mystery, horror movie in one. It gives me goose bumps after watching the movie. This is what we expect from Scott Derrickson, a real horror movie magician. Creepy sounds, flicking light, horrifying screams are likely to use in every horror movies but  how and when to use it is the point and this is one movie they use it well it makes my heart pounding non-stop.

At first you’ll see it as an individual gone insane, but sooner or later the twist comes out like a disease spreading, demons possessing people everywhere, a cop and a priest joining forces, etc. Eric Bana (a.k.a the “Hulk”) positively is a great actor suit for the movie delivering movie watchers the feeling of intense suspense. Édgar Ramírez (a.k.a. The god of war “Ares”) created a new come back from an evil villain to a demon fighting priest, yet he came out pretty good in the scene giving mystery and fright. Great effects made the movie scarier, very realistic. Even if you know something’s going to pop-up and be ready not to be scared it’s still going to make you hide or jump to your seat.

downloadA police (Ralph Search, played by Eric Bana) who grew in the Bronx isn’t a type to believe in demons or supernatural, who would if a smoking rugged like a priest (Mendoza, played by Édgar Ramírez) would tell you that it’s real. Explain the unexplainable is what happens, no choice but to try believing. As the story goes the irrelevant fair tries to uncover the mystery of how and where everything starts. Exorcising posses’ person and looking for clues. That’s when a mysterious person pops-up (Santino played by Sean Harris from Prometheus). Evil lurks at the main character’s home, scaring his daughter (Christina played by Lulu Wilson) and trying to get to her while her wife (Jen played by Olivia Munn) tries to understand what’s happening. To protect his family while unraveling the cause Ralph heeds Mendoza’s words and asks for his help and together they solve the issue.

One of the scariest movies I have seen before and indeed one of Scott Derrickson horrifying collection. A must watch movie if you want be scared out of your seat. I give it an 8/10 for scare and a 7/10 for effects. Indeed a worth waiting and watch movie.

There are certain moments when we crave to watch an exquisitely terrifying film. Even if it’s not the Halloween season, we sometimes feel the urge to indulge in watching horror films. Below are the lists of the top 10 2014 horror films that is studded with terrifying entertainment.

Under the Skin1. Under the Skin

In this sci-fi crime story starring Laura, a pretty lone lady roaming around Scotland, caring-heatedly choosing up hitchhikers. But under the skin, she’s an alien seductress on hunting for her upcoming meal. The film has been attained buzz on the movie festival course, captivating victories at certain venues like Toronto and Venice International Film Festival. The story pompously declares that the female species is more terrifying than the male.





Oculus 20142. Oculus

Directors Katee Sackhoff and Karen Gillan joined services for this paranormal terror tale film regarding a pair of siblings attempting to resolve the secrecy about their parents’ passing away. Sure, it looks like their father got mad and killed their mother. But if you are going to ask Kaylie (Karen) what exactly took place when she was still a kid, she will say that there was an evil mirror that created the family’s living a nightmare. Now, she’s certain to make sure that it will not ever happen again. The movie is named exceptionally clever, bracingly original, exhilarating and slow burn movies.





Only lovers Left Alive 20143. Only Lovers Left Alive

You might imagine that the vampire had been created to fatality, but you still didn’t see Jim Jarmusch’s take on everlasting bloodsucking. Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are the perfect cast as Adam and Eve, couples who have been married for centuries, but the joyful nights are disturbed when Eve’s hellion sister Ava played by Mia Wasikowska collided the party. The film is not really that terrifying for it is gloomy romantic and comic. It’s a grumpy story of vampires, love and rock ‘n’ roll sprawled out among the decay of Detroit.






13 sins 20144. 13 Sins

What you would possibly do with $100,000? This is the disturbing issue fake to down-and-out Elliot, who is accessed with unusual opportunities to succeed a chance in a strange game. A baffling caller presented him cash prizes, but as the value goes up along with the demand and danger for debauchery. This promising basis came from director Daniel Stamm.






Mr. Jones 2014 5. Mr. Jones

This horror film is an the administrative debut of director-writer Karl Mueller with stars Sarah Jones and Jon Foster as a young couple who shifts into the woods so they can concentrate on their art. But their expeditions of self-innovation are disrupted when they came across some mysterious statues in the forests surrounding them. An obsession to expose his personality fuels them and the ladies stroll down the dim path that could guide them to hell. The film was inspired by a bit of horror at the Tribeca Movie Festival last year, and was enjoyably amazed at how thrilling and exciting the film. Mueller handles to make a lively worry that barrel into an end that is both scary and unexpected.




Stage Fright 20146. Stage Fright

One more directorial film of Jerome Sable who manages to choose stars like Meat Loaf and Minnie Driver into his melodic shattering flick, set a pompous musical theatre site. This ill movie goes after teen singer Camilla Swanson, whose thinking about Broadway twist to terrible when a serial murderer starts killing the camp’s would-be stars.


The Signal 20147. The Signal

This science fantasy flare bends towards terrifying the tale of an MIT learner whose existence is changing for life when chasing down a dishonored hacker headed to his disclosure to the signal. He’s informed that he’s selected. He’s acquired odd abilities. But what does it really mean? Previously this year, ‘The Signal’ made its premiere, where it was admired for its mind-giving and dangerous narrative.




Deliver Us from Evil 20148. Deliver Us from Evil

Scott Derrickson’s latest paranormal thriller which was formerly called as beware the night. The movie was first planned to release by 2015 and it’s good to know that it is going to be seen now. Deliver us from evil had the idea that talks with the whole thing that we adore about genre—paranormal forces, exorcisms, demons and a lot more. The story is about a New York cop who gathers a rebel priest when he is dragged out in a case which the priest encourages him against the official spiritual beliefs is devil related. Jointly they make an effort to resolve the case and battle the supernatural forces operating next to them. The stars are Eric Bana with the lovely Olivia Munn.





the purge anarchy9. The Purge: Anarchy

‘The Purge’ was generally observed as a film with a huge notion but a faulty implementation. But its box office achievement has given DeMonaco a second opportunity to trade a real excellent horror film. This time he has more characters, explosions, locations, and a cast that really brags off.







The Green Inferno 201410. The Green Inferno

Eli Roth, is coming back to ring you to never depart from your homeland. His newest horror-suspense goes after a cluster of New York City learner on a better will mission to assist an Amazon tribe fighting to survive. But when their airplane crashed in the jungle, they turn out to be the victims of those individuals they set out to save. Roth has constructed his reputation on sewing altogether tales that are graphically violent, gross and gruesome.




One-Missed-Call-2008-horror-movies-19887546-900-506The film is a remake from the Japanese terror film of 2003 and they aimed the teenage audiences because they have knowledge how addicted the teens with certain devices.

The story starts when the hospital was accidentally burned and a young girl together with her teddy bear is looking sadly in the direction of a raging inferno. She has been saved by the fire fighters, but she did not say any word to them. A lot of people have been dead because of fire and the girl’s sister is another victim as well. After that, a child lapse in her personal backyard pool together with her cat. But the truth is she didn’t commit suicide as everyone is thinking. Something pulled her in the water and murdered her. From then, her cell phone begins acting weird and then followed by the introductions of the casts of the movie by the director.

Shannyn Sossamon played as Beth Raymond and her friend Azura Skye played as Leann Cole who gets an odd phone call in her personal future tone and the day of the call is in the future also. Because of that she discovers the precise time of her death and a free pleasure to her personal freaked out voice during her dying time. She did not think about it until she sees spirits, ghosts, reapers all around her and weird insects on other people. Beth begins to think about the weird miss call and death time theory, right after she witness Leann die fronting her and again the phone is dialling another number in Leann’s phone book after Leann is dead. She informs the police regarding the mystery but as expected, they discharge her theory. 76194593498f2486966e3725ea905c3dEdward Burns played as Detective Jack Andrews is in homicide case and his sister had also been dead under odd reasons. They team up as one, right after equally warning deaths took place with Beth’s friends. They discover a common feature with the dead people and they were all related and were in the phone contacts of each other and lastly, in their mouth, they all had an orange candy after their deaths. In one way or another, all these happenings were connected to the girl’s mother who was rescued from the blazing hospital.

The movie is not really that great, especially in the part where most of the artists who played college kids in the film looked older than what they are playing. The movie is still enjoyable. And the final part bummed me out too. You will witness what I am trying to say just after you watch the film. The bothering of the phone is quite p actually, and casts at some point tried in despair to injure their phones by simply smashing it, throwing in the aquarium, remove the batteries and even cancelled their subscriptions too, but in the end nothing works.

The good point in watching this film is to watch it alone and you will see that it is a good one.